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What are the types of scaffold structure template support frame?

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What are the types of scaffold structure template support?

Scaffolding materials can be used to build all kinds of formwork support frame, including beam formwork, formwork, beam formwork and box formwork, etc., and used in a large number of formwork brackets. In the formwork and beam formwork support, who support height> 4.0m, known as the "high support", with early demolition requirements and the device who called the "early support template system support."

Fastener, bowl and door scaffold materials can be used to construct the template support frame, and have their own characteristics. According to its structure can be classified as follows:

(1) by type of structure

1) Pillar support (strut bearing frame);

2) piece (rack) type support frame (by a row of horizontal tie rod connected to form a framework);

3) double row support frame (two rows of poles to form the support frame);

4) space frame-type support (multi-row or full set of space framework).

(2) According to the system structure

1) Geometrically immutable rod structure support frame (the slenderness ratio of the rod complies with the stipulation of truss, and the vertical slant rod shall be set to be not less than one-half of the frame which occupies both directions)

2) Non-geometric immutable rod structure support frame (in accordance with the provisions of the scaffolding framework, but with the vertical plane slanting bar is less than the total number of its frame 1/2 of the framework).

(3) by pillar type

1) single pole support frame;

2) double pole support frame;

3) lattice column support frame (formed by the lattice column support frame);

4) Mixed pillar support (mixed with single pole, double pole, lattice column support).

(4) According to the horizontal structure of the situation

1) The horizontal structural layer does not set or a small amount of diagonal or shear support bracket;

2) There are 1 or several levels of strengthening the level set support frame can be divided into:

a. Plate horizontal reinforcement layer (each only a single layer set, diagonal set ≥ 1/3 level grid);

b. Truss horizontal reinforcement (each double, with vertical diagonal set).

In addition, single and double-row support stand also set the wall pull knot (or diagonal) and no points, the latter support height should not be greater than 4m. The load on the support frame is generally vertical, but the support frame on the base formwork (siding template) is subjected to both vertical and horizontal loads.